Isle of Man

Isle of Man

Being a last-minute shopper, I was heading down Lincoln Ave, looking for the perfect Pops-day gift. Dual, storefront platforms caught my attention, as they showcased a Vespa behind each pane–trimmed with a myriad of vintage bric-a-brac, with the name “Isle of Man” etched on the glass.

Slipping inside I was blown away by the plethora of vintage items and man-grooming products of yesteryear including ointments, salves, and shaving tools. Drawn to their centerpiece, a classic Triumph motorcycle, I stepped over for a closer look, but that’s when I discovered the true gems of this establishment, placed at the foot of the bike, in a small chest: six original and some first-edition books by one of our late heroes, Jim Thompson!!

I carefully handled these literary luxuries, wishing to God they were mine—sitting on my bookshelf! Fighting my addictive personality, I gently put them back, forcing myself to return to my original intent of dutifully hunting for dear old Dad.

To our fellow, old-fashioned friends, please stop by this store of manliness and vintage valuables—it’s an old schooler’s dream!