About Subversive

Originally, CCP set out to celebrate bare-bones fiction writers. With recent changes in the digital-media climate, we’ve decided to plot a new course.

The world of words has been hijacked by political correctness and emotional grandstanding. Conjecture, spin and slapdash think pieces rule the day, and even the most objective of media outlets seem transparent in their between-the-lines agendas. As a result, the volume has gone way up and the fidelity has diminished. It’s our belief that readers deserve a higher-caliber product. What we read should inspire us to try harder, to consider more lucidly the issues of the day— and maybe even have a laugh while doing so.

Enter Subversive. Our hope is to call publications out on their fluff, release readers from ideological shackles and put professionalism back into writing. We appreciate your readership.